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The Power of Daily Intentions

Focus, Clarity, Success: The Impact of Intention Setting - Episode 79

April 16, 20244 min read

Today, I want to do a bonus gem episode targeted to help you ignite your success today and every single day. We will be talking about setting your intention and how crucial it is, this practice of setting your attention so that you can achieve greater success. 

I want to start with my first point. Imagine waking up each morning with a clear sense of purpose and knowing exactly what you want to accomplish. So there's research that's coming from the Dominican University of California. A professor of psychology, Gail Matthews, reveals that individuals who start their day with a clear intention are 42% more likely to achieve their goals than people who don't. It may be an eye-opening statistic, but it shows you the profound effect and the impact of setting your intention and how much impact it can have on your entrepreneurial journey and your success. Think about it—it's almost like having a GPS, a map that shows you first thing in the morning. You want to accomplish this, so you have this map that points you in the right direction. 

Point two is that one of the big benefits of setting your intention is the clarity and focus it brings to your day. When you have this really clear intention, whether to close a deal or even meditate for 10 minutes, what about setting an intention to call two potential customers today or brainstorm new things to offer your customer base? If you have a clear intention for any of those, your energy will focus on that goal. This focused mindset will increase your productivity, positivity, and ability to make strategic decisions that align with your objectives. It's like setting up a non-negotiable - so here's my intention, and you know what you want to accomplish today. Because of that, it holds you accountable as a nonnegotiable, which you want to accomplish by having that intention. 

Point three: Setting an intention isn't all about wishful thinking. It isn't. It's about taking deliberate actions to create that momentum toward your long-term goals. Think of setting an intention as a teeny little piece of many pieces, so it can be the first step of what you want to accomplish your long-term goal. There's that saying that your goal is step after step and that you should keep on that path to reach your goal. It's like scheduling specific tasks, whether networking with your potential collaborators or investing in a coach or personal type development; each single one of your steps is a stepping stone towards your definition of what your success might be for that day and the future.

A study from Harvard Business Review showed that entrepreneurs who set daily intentions are 25% more likely to achieve their revenue targets than those who don't. We all know how important revenue is because it's almost like a hobby if you're not bringing it. You need to bring in that revenue so that your business is viable and so that you can have the life of your dreams. Setting an intention underscores the tangible impact it can have on your bottom line and overall success as an entrepreneur.

Remember - set your intention, and once you set the intention, send it to your accountability partner; send it to your coach because once you put it out there. If you tell other people about it, you're more than likely to continue on that path, that GPS path towards your success, because you have put it out there and set it in stone, which is your intention for today. It doesn't have to be that complicated. It can be something really simple like I'm going to have a happy day; I'm going to have a smile every time I talk to a customer; I'm going to have a smile every time I sit down at my desk and work on my future. One of the mistakes I have seen is that when I asked them to set their intention, they set a litany of intentions. They'll send me a list that probably has 20 things, and that's good, but simple is always better. So keep it simple. Set your intentions, set your roadmap, and go out there; use this as a stepping stone towards your success, the way that only you can put things out there, the way that only you can help the world. It's like throwing a stone in a stream, creating that ripple effect. You're creating a ripple effect by setting your intention every single day. The ripple effect is you building every single day on something bigger and better.

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