Hey there!

I'm Kathy


I'm a sales expert, head EMPOWERer, and dynamic speaker who's passionate about thinking outside the box. With years of experience in the industry, I've honed my skills and developed a unique approach to sales that's guaranteed to deliver results. And as a part-time film and TV actress, I love using my creative side to dream up fresh and exciting ways to help businesses connect with their customers. Whether you're looking to revamp your sales strategy, give a knockout presentation, or simply get motivated to reach your goals, I'm here to help you unlock your full potential and achieve success. So let's get started and make some magic happen!

I didn’t always have the confidence, raving customers and the know how to sell almost a billion dollars… a few years back you would have found me shy and wondering why anyone would listen to me.

I was the underdog, but I dreamed of success. I wasn't sure how l would get there. I picked up bottles and cans for salvage, sold used furniture in my apartment, set up a tutoring business, sold Kool-Aid on hot days all to make a little money to put myself through school. I guess I should have known that I was a budding entrepreneur with a knack to think outside the box all along.

Along the way, I was lucky to find a kind, superstar mentor that taught me a lot about connection, relationships, problem solving and the true meaning of sales. I bucked the rigid corporate format, found my own way of doing things. Little did I know that I was creating my own process that would be my ticket to success

I kept at it. Repeating to myself…where’s there is a will there is a way. With every stumble, failure, l tried to learn from it, pivot, shift. And then, one day, I stumbled upon a question that completely changed my perspective and propelled me towards success.


You can find me now doing something that really lights me up..helping others find their passionate authentic voice to attract their right customers to grow their business.

I've developed a unique approach that's both effective and inspiring. I believe that success is not just about hard work, but also about having the right mindset and approach. That's why I work closely with my clients to help them shift their perspectives, tap into their true potential, and achieve their dreams. Whether you're looking to revamp your sales strategy, hone your presentation skills, or simply find the motivation to take the next step, I'm here to help. So let's work together and make magic happen!

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