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Nobel Peace Winner to Visionary Leader: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Lameen Abdul-Malik - Episode 82

April 25, 20242 min read

‘’Knowing your WHY and purpose should guide every aspect of your life. Once you grasp this, aim to align your actions in that direction.’’

In this episode, I sit down with the inspiring Lameen Abdul-Malik, a Nobel Peace Prize winner with a heart as vast as his ambitions. From setting up a cancer hospital that now saves thousands of lives yearly to his grand vision to positively influence a billion lives over the next decade, Lameen's journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Join us as we explore his latest venture, Honest Management, and discuss the importance of knowing your 'why'—a beacon that guides Lameen's every move. Whether you’re looking to change the world or just your corner of it, Lameen's stories and insights will ignite a spark within you. Grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get inspired together!

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Lameen shares his experience as a Nobel Peace Prize winner and the responsibilities it brings

  • Introduction to Honest Management and its core philosophy

  • The importance of understanding your 'why' to navigate life's challenges

  • Lameen's journey into specialty coffee and what it teaches about business and life

  • How Lameen plans to create a global impact through Honest Network

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